Loch Ness? Do you really want to know?

For decades many people from the casual vacationer to the very educated scientist have been trying to get a glimps, and I might add proof, of one of the biggest mysteries of our time.

There have been photographs taken, and proved to be hoaxes. There are a few pieces of evidence that cannot be proven either way. But, what if there was evidence that proved that the Loch Ness monster really exists? What would people do? The human race is incredibly curious. Would we respect the creature and it’s existance? Or, would we exploit it, more than now, and potentially capture, and study it? I would hate to think that the museum exhibit that I have to pay to see is a creature that could still be living and thriving without us.

We built our lives around things we believe in. Where’s the fun in proving the Loch Ness is real? What keeps us coming back for more? If proof is ever found, would we be as excited about it? I think the thrill is in the chase. Everyone has their own idea as to what it looks like. Each story getting more and more spectacular. Some say myths and legends started out as some kind of truth.

Whether it’s real or not, I just like the idea that it could be true. I would kind of hate to prove such a wonderful mystery. Don’t get me wrong though. I would like to know if the Loch Ness monster does exist, but I think I’d rather be left in the dark for now.

What do you think?

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    Super Bowl Sunday

    Okay, I have to admit I did not watch the game for the game. I am one of many who watch for the commercials to see what multi-millions gets you these days. I also watch for the entertainment.

    First, I would like to congratulate the Steelers. 6 Super Bowls is quite an acheivement. The Cardinals played an awesome game though.

    Honestly, I have enjoyed a few of Bruce Springsteen songs, but I have to admit I was dissapointed in his performance. I didn’t think it was very entertaining, but most importantly, I just couldn’t understand him. I can’t say that it wasn’t a good show, but I was looking for the WOW factor when watching one of the most widely watched shows on television. My WOW was out of dissapointment. A little too safe.

    However, not all was lost. Faith Hill and Jennifer Hudson’s performances were brilliant. Each one flawlessly executed their portion of the show and brought so much emotion to the fans.

    That brings me to the #1 reason I watched the Super Bowl. The COMMERCIALS! I always enjoy the Bud Light ads, but this year I added the Doritoes to the list. Even the Coca Cola and Pepsi ads were cute. The commercials however weren’t as cool as past years, but they are always worth watching. Take the poll and tell me what were your favorites.

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      Blue & Gold is Here Again

      The time has come again for scouters to recognize and be recognized. By this time we have had a few months (hopefully) to begin the preparations for the annual Blue and Gold Banquet and Ceremony that scouts have been working so hard for. For some of us, we also plan for the Pinewood Derby to take place on the same day. YEAH!!

      So what goes into planning a Blue & Gold Banquet and Ceremony? Well, months of planning and lots of help. Normally, we give ourselves 3-4 months until the big day to prepare.

      The first thing to decide is when and where. Think about how many you need to accomodate. Do you have enough tables and chairs? Will there be entertainment? If so, do we need a stage? Can we have it at our regular meeting place, or do we need to rent another facility? Do we need a kitchen? Think about what other events are happening at that time within the scouting organization or the school to determin what day and time. Some have held their banquet on a regular pack meeting night and simply has added a potluck dinner. Give yourself plenty of time to set-up and clean-up and factor that in the timeframe.

      Second, think about what theme you want for your banquet. The scouts always have a monthly theme and many of these make wonderful banquets. We have even taken the theme a step further because the theme itself was a little vague. This year being that type of situation. Be creative! This is when you can do just about anything and you are only limited by your ideas.

      The Next big thing to think about is the dinner. Will there be a dinner? Packs are famous for potluck get togethers. This may be the one get together that you cater your dinner. We have done both. A few years ago we had a bad potluck experience. We ended up with 2 small main dishes and close to 10 pounds of store-bought potato salad. Needless to say I ended up spending over an hour and a half picking up fried chicken, which was gone in less than 5 minutes. I even missed my son receiving his award. So what we have done is the pack caters the main course and the dens each bring a potluck side. Normally we break up the categories by den for a little more variety. This has worked very well and we have continued every year since. You’ll want to work with your committee on a budget that works well for food and decorations, etc. In order to off-set the cost of the food, we have sold food tickets. You may sell them by the family or by the individual. Or just have the pack hold an extra fundraiser, maybe in the summer, to pay for the Blue and Gold Banquet and Ceremony.

      The decorations help tie everything together. Consider clean up when planning. Having the dens make a centerpiece for each table is a way to show off their creativity. Add balloons, streamers and banners that are related to the theme. If you want the dens or families to sit in a particular place, try adding place cards to the tables. You can always leave the planning for the stage area that will be used for the awards ceremony until you can coordinate with the Cubmaster.

      Another thing to consider is the transition between events. For us, we are having our Pinewood Derby on the same day. So, consider a game to allow for finish preparation of the dinner.

      Last, but not least, are the invitations. Everything is planned, now who’s going to come? Besides scouts and their families, you may want to consider other scouting personnel as well as those who are in the organization that charters the pack. You can designate someone to prepare the invite information and send them to the dens. Let them put together their own invitations for family and friends. It’s another way for scouts to show off thier creativity.

      So there we are. A run down of many of the things neccessary for planning a Blue and Gold for your pack. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!

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