A hole in Lola

When we bought our RV it had this mysterious hole on the side. We believe it may have came from an awning mishap. We are looking for creative and/or practical ways to patch it up. So far there are no walls on the inside so we have access to the inner wall. We look forward to reading all you ideas.

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  1. Molly

    Okay, now keep in mind, I work mainly with backwoods southern hillbilly inginuity…I have a simliar hole in the back, (go figure, right! ) by the tail light that is alittle bigger than this. What I plan on doing is using RV cement, (found at walmart) and buying some wire mesh, (like for drywall repair) and attatching that. Then I will take a bit of metal flashing that we are using for the inside and glue that down and seal the seams. I like the flashing because I can bend it to the pleats on the metal siding. I will probably match the paint and go to the craft store and buy some apple barrel paint for a buck. It wont look great, but it wont leak. You could seal up the inside too with caulk and then insulate and wall as planned. Again, this isn’t neccisarily what you SHOULD do, it’s just what I’m going to do. Ye haw!!!

  2. Rjohnston

    Would check with a Salvage Yard that handles RV’s. You may be able to get a piece from the same area of the same RV. Then use Engine Block Cement found in auto supply stores to put it over the hole. It would fit the shape of your RV. They are listed on the Internet, in many states. You can get used replacement parts there also out of wrecked RV’s that have years of life left in them…. Other than that, it could be covered with Fiberglass and painted over. Check on Yahoo, for the Classic RV forum, they have dozens of experienced people who give excellent advice on restoring or repairing older RVs. We fulltime in a 1984 Allegro

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