Hatching Eggs


May 2nd Michael and I went on a road trip to pick up some Turkey eggs to hatch. We got started around 6:00 am driving down highway 59 to Altamont in southern Kansas. In Ottawa we missed our turn in and ended up on highway 35, we did not realize it until about 20 miles down the road. To get back on track we had a very nice cross country trek and were back on 59 in Garnett. We received 24 Heritage turkey hatching eggs (8 Blue Slates, 8 Narragansett and 8 Royal Palms).

A week after the eggs were in the incubator we added 5 barnyard mix Welsummers eggs. I also had 12 Black copper Marans, 12 Blue Laced Red Wyandotte and 16 Double-Laced Barnevelder in our 2nd incubator and over at Scott’s house, I had 18 Lavender/Split Ameraucana eggs in his incubator. That adds up to 87 eggs. Our hatch rate was great for some breeds and terrible for others. We ended up with 4 of the Welsummers, 0 Turkeys, 5 Black copper Marans (3 lived), 1 Blue Laced Red Wyandotte (0 lived) and 8 Double-Laced Barnevelder (7 lived) and 14 Lavender/Split Ameraucana.

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