Holton Poultry and Rabbit Swap Meet 6-5-2010


Micheal, Charlie and I left early, I wanted to get around 8:00 am. My main goal was to get some chickens for Jacob so he could show them for Poultry in 4-H. I bought only one chicken a Blue Ameraucana Easter Egger, but we did buy some rabbits. The boys did sign up for rabbit project in 4-H and with the fair 2 months away I thought we had better get some bunnies, plus I have wanted some rabbits for meat. We bought 2 Jr New Zealand (buck and doe), standard Jr Castor Rex doe. Charlie let me know he wanted a bunny and pick an Jr broken blue Mini Rex doe, and Michael picked a Jr black mini Rex doe.

Well, we now had 5 rabbits, no cages, feeders, feed or water bowls. I called a buddy of mine to see if I could pick up some cages he had laying around, while at his place we picked up to more New Zealand Jr does. We came home with a total of 7 rabbits.

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