IE 8 Revisited


IE 8 Release Candidate 1 did not last long on my computer. I installed it on January 29th and uninstalled it on February 3rd. I don’t work Friday, Saturday or Sunday so for the two days I had it installed I had problems with and DNA Helpdesk. I also had problems with Flash Player on Jefferson County’s web site.

Installation was easy, but there were a couple of questions during the process. 

  • Turn on Suggested Sites
  • Compatibility Setting

The Google problem I had with IE 8 Beta is gone.

I did have an add-ons notice that kept showing up.

Uninstalling was a breeze once you knew where to go. IE 8 is considered an update so you won’t find it in Programs and Features. You will still need to open Programs and Features but then click on ‘View Installed Updates’ in the menu on the left to remove the update.

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